Saturday, July 4, 2009

Times Four

Walking man had tagged everyone on his blog list in his post on 'Four Times'…so here goes my list of four things...

Four Movies You Can See Over and Over:
I cant think of any…I think I lack the patience to see a seen movie again, even if I have loved it...

Four Places You Have Lived In:

Four TV Shows You Love(d) to Watch:
Presently ~ there are none.
(I don’t see much of television other than for movies..)
Earlier ~ there were a few (which included the likes of Friends, Everybody loves Raymond...etc)
Four Places You Have Been on a Vacation:
-Uttaranchal (Nainital, Ranikhet, Binser, Almora, Kausani)- beautiful hill stations
-Diu (A lovely beach on the western coast of India)
-Bhandardhara (a lesser known uncommercialized place in a hilly range of Maharashtra~ with a beautiful lake surrounded by hills)- we had camped in a tent by the lake on full moon night...
-Rajasthan (Udaipur, Chittod, Ranakpur, Abu)

Four of your favorite foods:
-Choley bhature
-Pani puri
-Pasta in cheese sauce
-Rice with paneer cooked in kashmiri gravy

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
-My bloglist
-Yahoo, gmail, rediffmail
(Actually I try to.. :) Due to time constrainsts, I am not able to be as regular as I would like to on these and also am not able to vist a vew more that I would like to .... if Ido get some more time on hand, I wud surely want to dedicate some time on my flickr account...have quit orkut and am inactive on facebook, these used to be my daily feed some months back....)

Four Places You Would Rather Be:
-Somewhere close to nature, in a quiet town in some valley, surrounded by woody mountains, with scent of trees heavy in the air…would love to live in a basic cottage in a place like this…exploring the bouty of nature and the goodness of people..
-In a tent perched on the white sands of a quiet beach ~ absorbing the golden glow of the sun setting over the vastness of the blue sea ~ flowing in the rhythm of the waves..
-In my balcony at night, sipping darjeeling tea, with moonlight pouring in from the outside chatting with some good friend
-At home with my family- eating hot pakodas with rain pouring outside...
Four Novels You Wish You Were Reading for the First Time:
-Lady of Hay (Barbara Erskine)
-The Fountainhead (Ayn Rand)
-The Bridge across forever (Richard Bach)
-Primal Fear (William Diehl)
Four Things You Hope to Do Before You Die-
-See the world
-Follow the course of a river from the source to the end
-Find my true calling
-Learn one musical instrument so well that it flows with my blood
-'Live' in the true sense of the word
It was fun...! :)
For my part I now in-turn tag everyone on my know you all a little more than I do today...


the walking man said...

"-Somewhere close to nature, in a quiet town in some valley, surrounded by woody mountains, with scent of trees heavy in the air…would love to live in a basic cottage in a place like this…exploring the bounty of nature and the goodness of people.."

Just as you leave Quebec and enter into Western Maine...the first thing to assault your senses is the scent of the ceder forests.

About 15 miles down the road is a little lake where you can sit or pitch a tent and stay for a bit.

That is the place I would be if I were to have this same goal.

Thanks Jagriti...I learned I really need to experiment more in my diet.

Shubhajit said...

I identify..

Four movies…

Only one ‘Into the Wild’. I have watched it more than 40 times and I remember I was watching that movie continuously for one month, EVERY SINGLE DAY. I recommend you to watch.

Four Places…

1) Assam 2) Kolkata 3) Delhi 4) Shillong

Four TV shows..

I’m with you. There is none. Not much like that idiot box anymore.

Four Places vacation…
1) Dharamsala Macleodganj 2) Rishikesh 3) Lansdowne 4) Whole of Central Rajasthan

Four of your fav food..
1) Rice with fish 2) Rice with Chicken 3) Rice with milk and banana 4) Ice cream

Four websites (actually blogs)
2) )
4) 

Four Places...
1) Himalayas 2) Caves 3) Forest 4) I am with the tent idea

Four Novels...
1) How the steel was tempered ( Nikoloi Ostrovosky) 2) Idiot (Fyodor Dostoevsky) 3) Godfather 4) Kite Runner ( Khalid Husseini)

Four Things hope to do before die..

1) To suffer
2) To throw this body like a disused garment with my own will
3) To adopt a girl child
4) To become deaf and dumb.

Mariana Soffer said...

Interesting replies mine where completely different than what yours are. I love seeing other options, it opens my mind.

Veda Murthy said...

nice to know mre about u jagrithi...i love ur photography!

Scarlet said...

I'm intrigued by your favorite foods. I like your 4 things you hope to do before you die A LOT...especially the one about the instrument (I might have to borrow that line!). ;)

Jagriti said...

@walking man: wow...that must be some place..! maybe someday, when i can have the liberty of chucking my job and going where i want and doing what i want to do...i wud be in such a place...i am putting the name of this place in my long term memory...

regarding ur diet ~ when looking at ur list of favourite foods, even i had thought so ! :)

@shubhaji: I dont believe it..!! u watched the movie 40 times..?!? i am now dying to get my hands on the movie and check it must be something..!

ur list of 4 things to do before u die are most extraordinary...i do understand ther 1st three...but the last ~ 'to become deaf and dumb' u mean it in a metaphotic way, one reached that spiritual state where nothing anyone says matter and u dont feel the need of saying anything to anyone...or u meant it literally..?

@marianna: glad u foud these interesting...i searched for ur post on 'Times four' but cudnt find send me the link..would love to know more about u..

@veda: thank u veda...and i love ur cooking..! :) do take on the tag...wud love to know more abt u..

@scarlet: by all means u may take it scarlet...

in the favourite foods that i had mentioned,except pasta all are indian dishes...obviuosly u would have been lost on those...:)

i'm going to post the recipe of the last one ~ paneer in kashmiri gravy try it..its yummy..u would like it..!

Mariana Soffer said...

Glad you are curious about it, it says like that (bear in mind it is just a nonthinking-nonstop witting about the enumeration of the 4 things.

Now the assignment come:
waking life
Being jhon malkovich
I love huckabees
Nightmare before chrismas


tv shows:
-the simpsons


-google mail
-my blog

places rather be:
-in a spa
-in a safary in africa
-on a ranch ridding a horse
-on a desert island with a bout

before I die:
-Learn to play jazz properly
-Visit china and japan
-Learn to be a good writter
-Be really passionate about a big project regarding
Artificial intelligence

4 novels
-9 stories from salinger
-ficciones from borges
-lila and flag from john berger
-the word acording to garp from irving is it?
(here for example 9 stories is not a novel there are short stories, ficction too, I guess it shows I like short stories a lot )
If you want me to change it I will put mainly science books but also,
- fritz land
- and Italo calvino, right now.

these times that is all that is in my mind.
Take care jagriti

Mon Espace said...

i know just the place to take u to..( u'll see what Im talking about! :) maybe we could go there n plan our Venice trip.. ;) just make sure u bring the Darjeeling tea ;)

Shubhajit said...

My dear Sister,

I have already heard enough of worldly nonsense and talked enough of affairs of people. Now, I want some peace.

In a spiritual sense? Yes. And if not, then please make me physiologically.

the walking man said...

How are you?

Jagriti said...

hello mark, i am good...have been occupied with matters internal and external... really nice to hear from you. hope you are doing well too.

Anonymous said...

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