Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'm orange and you are blue...

The mosaic of all colours
Fighting for space,
Are suddenly quiet today...

"I'm orange and you are blue,
And purple is the blend of the two"
Is resonating in yesterday...

Today I have opened my eyes to see ~
A white dove flying on a deep blue sea
The orange sun is shining through,
Painting the dove a golden hue

Flying in this golden white light,
Now the dove has attained a newer height,
The mosaic of colours are merged today,
Into a pure, white, calm ray.....
Blending in itself my orange and your blue,
Filling my soul with a fragrance new

Breathing that fragrance and thinking white,
I fill my eyes with the dove's flight
But yes, this also remains true,
Whenever I'll see blue,
I'll think of you...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When the music's over...

The pitter-patter of the rain goes on,
I strain my ears to hear a song....

But the song has ended, and I must realize
Destiny has again rolled her dice....

Every sound's fading one by one,
Getting lost in oblivion

Pained existence has resurfaced
A jigsaw of memories to be put in place

When the music is over, a silence piles
Muffles the soul and strangles the smiles

Teary eyed my heart cries,
Bit by bit as the music dies............

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nice to meet you Harry Potter...

Just finished reading the first book of Harry Potter; when the whole world already has raved, raged and finally done with even the last book of the series! So, after reading the book, when most of the people would have taken the short cut of watching the movie, now i officially belong to the section of the world where harry potter is revered, you-know-who is feared, where cats have names like Mr. Norris and owls with their postman service have found some utility for their existence on this planet. Where there are two completely different worlds existing together~ one ~ plain, simple, conventional, monotonous world of us humans (who are called muggles) and another exciting, magical, always-full-of-surprises world of wizards and witches ! And i realise to my major disappointment that i belong to the unexciting world of the humans, which i share with the likes of Uncle Vemon, Aunt Petula and Dudley, and worse still i am also a muggle !

It must be obvious to the reader by now that i am getting fixed on the harry potter mania, which honestly speaking, i had not expected even by the time i was half way through the book. But by the time i have finished it, I have somehow developed an affinity with that magical world and its characters. I have developed a liking for the bravery and truth of the character of harry, the mischieviousness and wit of ron, the intelligence and know-all attitude of hermione, the funny comments and the twinkle of dumbeldore's eyes. I also liked how snape's character was framed and how it changes shades by the end, and also noticed how much scope there is left by the writer for many more changes in his character. At this point i believe, that in the remaining books after harry potter's character his character is the one which will evolve the maximum.

So, after finishing the first book, i am having a desire to know what happens next. But before that i would definitely want to see the movie made on the first book. And see how the characters, scenes and situations are picturised in the movie vis-a-vis as described in the book and also vis-a-vis as imagined by me in my mind. Guess, it should be fun.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The plant of me ~

Wonder where the end would be,
Of the restless wanderings of my mind,
Of the relenltess searchings of my soul,
For myself, my fulfillment,
My sensibilities, my sensitivities,
My inside, my essense,
My search........
For a river of passions and imaginations,
To flow in ~
And water the plant of me......

Thursday, August 2, 2007

A kaleidoscope rotated ~ The first rotation

A kaleidoscope rotated ~ Had been wanting to keep this name for my photography exhibition. But since due to few reasons could not keep it, so ~ here i go making it the name of my blog ! :-) But off-course, that is not the only reason. Since the time i had seen a kaleidoscope in my childhood, i have been fascinated by it...with its bright colours and the beautiful shapes... ! and as i grew older my fascination with the kaleidoscope extended to the fact that at any given point of time when a kaleidoscope is rotated, there are endless possibilities of the combination of colours and shapes to create a pattern...with each rotation a bright, colourful, unique new pattern is churned out.

The randomness of the possibilities is a kicker...!

Isnt it something like our mind..? Do we ever know at what point of time which pieces of glass will fall where and how, and which thoughts will take shape on our minds....?

In this blog, hoping to pen down the rotations of my mind's kaleidoscope and see for myself which colours of me have creates which shapes..................

The randomness of possibilities remains a kicker here too.....!
"Earth wind and rain and fire,
Wealth power love desire,
One goal to live for before we die,
One taste of glory,
One mouthful of sky..."