Thursday, August 2, 2007

A kaleidoscope rotated ~ The first rotation

A kaleidoscope rotated ~ Had been wanting to keep this name for my photography exhibition. But since due to few reasons could not keep it, so ~ here i go making it the name of my blog ! :-) But off-course, that is not the only reason. Since the time i had seen a kaleidoscope in my childhood, i have been fascinated by it...with its bright colours and the beautiful shapes... ! and as i grew older my fascination with the kaleidoscope extended to the fact that at any given point of time when a kaleidoscope is rotated, there are endless possibilities of the combination of colours and shapes to create a pattern...with each rotation a bright, colourful, unique new pattern is churned out.

The randomness of the possibilities is a kicker...!

Isnt it something like our mind..? Do we ever know at what point of time which pieces of glass will fall where and how, and which thoughts will take shape on our minds....?

In this blog, hoping to pen down the rotations of my mind's kaleidoscope and see for myself which colours of me have creates which shapes..................

The randomness of possibilities remains a kicker here too.....!


Pal V said...

hey Jags.... so u used the name finally :) great thoughts behind the name... all the best for ur blog,,, hope to know you better than i know you today :)

Scarlet said...

Now I understand and it makes me appreciate the name even more, especially now that I can relate to it personally.

Rotating the's the only way to see the world's colors.

Very nice, Jagriti.

Now where did the name, Jagriti, come from, if I may ask?

Jagriti said... fancy story for my name ! :(
But, "Jagriti" in Hindi language means "Awakening"...I'm hoping to justify my name to at least to a tiny-weeny extent by the end of this lifetime..!
But yes, I do have the story of my nick name to share with you...At home, I'm called "Jimmy"...this name came about because when I was born, the then American President Jimmy Carter was paying his first visit to India...and the whole thing was hyped then..! So since my arrival in this world synced with his arrival in India,,,everyone started calling me Jimmy in fun and then the name stayed on..!!

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