Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tell me your dreams...

I was just thinking ~ What can be considered as the most personal thing to ask to someone?? Is it something of their past like the times they have fallen in love, the affairs they've had, the people they've cheated on, the number of people they've had sex with, the number of times they've flunked in school or college, their most embarrasing moments, their most happiest moments, the times they have lied or had been dishonest, etc.etc..or, something of their present ~ like the relationship that they share with their partners, how are they planning their career or investments etc, etc?

According to me, none of the above. I would say that the most personal thing that can be asked to someone is about their dreams, their deepest desires, their most true wishes for themselves. If you tell someone your deepest desire, your dreams, you become vulnerable, sans gaurd, open to hurt and manipulation. This is not the danger when you tell the guarded things of your past or present to someone.
If you have seen "Bachna ae hasinon" you would know what I mean. Mahi (Minisha Lamba), a dreamy eyed romantic girl is in love with the character of "Raj" in "DDLJ". A flirt, opportunist guy (Ranvir Kapoor) comes to know about this. To fulfil his desire of flirting with Mahi he creates made-up situations like DDLJ and pretends to be the real life avtar of the reel life " Raj". And ~ succeds in taking advantage of the unsuspecting girl, who keeps brimming with joy with the thought that her dream has come true, and she has finally found her "Raj" ! As the movie unfolds, Mahi comes to know what was done to her and ends up getting bitterly hurt.
If this guy did not know about Mahi's deepest desire, he could never have had a chance with her and Mahi would have been saved from the hurt that followed.
Your desire is not only your strength, your reason to move on and fight, but is also in some ways your weakness as it can be used as a bait to trap you. And the fuanny thing is that you would be going in the trap willingly !
What happens in a casting couch is something similar. You are manipulated because your dreams are known and so is your desire to fulfill . But the casting couch is still comparatively better . At least both the parties involved know without any pretense that they are giving something to get something. At least you are not robbed without your knowledge .
But when you talk about your desires and your dreams to someone who you think as a friend or an acquaintance, you would not even realize when he or she will start manipulating the situation and you with the knowledge about your desires.
More than what we were or are, we are ~ what we want to be...
Give it a thought....

Saturday, August 9, 2008

À Mon Dieu...

Je ne vais vous demande
Pourquoi ça
Je ne vais vous demande
Pourquoi moi...

Je veux, mais je ne vous croirai pas
Je n'esperai de vous
N'importe pas quoi...

Si vous veux ça ~
Être comme ça
Être comme ça
Être comme ça...
"Earth wind and rain and fire,
Wealth power love desire,
One goal to live for before we die,
One taste of glory,
One mouthful of sky..."