Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Nice to meet you Harry Potter...

Just finished reading the first book of Harry Potter; when the whole world already has raved, raged and finally done with even the last book of the series! So, after reading the book, when most of the people would have taken the short cut of watching the movie, now i officially belong to the section of the world where harry potter is revered, you-know-who is feared, where cats have names like Mr. Norris and owls with their postman service have found some utility for their existence on this planet. Where there are two completely different worlds existing together~ one ~ plain, simple, conventional, monotonous world of us humans (who are called muggles) and another exciting, magical, always-full-of-surprises world of wizards and witches ! And i realise to my major disappointment that i belong to the unexciting world of the humans, which i share with the likes of Uncle Vemon, Aunt Petula and Dudley, and worse still i am also a muggle !

It must be obvious to the reader by now that i am getting fixed on the harry potter mania, which honestly speaking, i had not expected even by the time i was half way through the book. But by the time i have finished it, I have somehow developed an affinity with that magical world and its characters. I have developed a liking for the bravery and truth of the character of harry, the mischieviousness and wit of ron, the intelligence and know-all attitude of hermione, the funny comments and the twinkle of dumbeldore's eyes. I also liked how snape's character was framed and how it changes shades by the end, and also noticed how much scope there is left by the writer for many more changes in his character. At this point i believe, that in the remaining books after harry potter's character his character is the one which will evolve the maximum.

So, after finishing the first book, i am having a desire to know what happens next. But before that i would definitely want to see the movie made on the first book. And see how the characters, scenes and situations are picturised in the movie vis-a-vis as described in the book and also vis-a-vis as imagined by me in my mind. Guess, it should be fun.

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PuRaV said...

i knw u were sleepin while readin tiz book lolzz

"Earth wind and rain and fire,
Wealth power love desire,
One goal to live for before we die,
One taste of glory,
One mouthful of sky..."