Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I release my hold...

A fistful of sand in my hand ~
I had held on to it like it was gold,
A handful of dreams in my eyes,
Now sleep with their stories untold.....

I close my eyes to hide the pain,
Of numbed senses
And battered soul
The realization hurting bad,
The sand does and will eventually roll.....

The world spins and I stand,
Looking at the sand and my hand,
Desparate gripping, reluctant releasing,
Strain in my vien,
My loss and my gain.....

With a heavy heart I now let go ~
Let the sand flow,
Let my gold go...
Let the dreams sleep,
Let the stories remain untold...
Let me forget the summer,
Let me feel the cold
Let it be..let it be....

Sadly, I now release my hold......

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"Earth wind and rain and fire,
Wealth power love desire,
One goal to live for before we die,
One taste of glory,
One mouthful of sky..."