Thursday, July 10, 2008

Letting go...

At times in life it is ncessary to 'let go' ~
-of circumstances that we do not like but cannot change
-of people that we cannot hold back in our lives
-of relationships that are no longer working for us

Letting go does not mean we are giving up or accepting defeat. It simply means that we are not clinging on to the things which are changing with time and accepting with grace the way our destiny is unfolding. It means that we are letting go of the compulsion to make everything "perfect" as per our understanding.

Letting go is akin to "flowing with the flow". Its like flowing in the river of life like a leaf flows in a stream ~ Taking in everything that comes in the way, seeing everything that this life has to show us, learning everything that this life has to teach us.

By not resisting the things that we cannot change, we can bring an end to the frustrations born out of the helplessness, and a lot of peace can be attained by simply dissolving our individual will in the cosmic will....

But how do we let go...? What is the change that we should bring about in our thinking process....? What are the things that we should be avoiding..?

Here are some practical pointers ~

-Accepting- the things as they are, accepting the limitations of yourself and the people involved.

-Admitting the obvious truth - that you are not responsible to affect a change or correct a problem which is beyond your competency, power, authority or responsibility.

-No perfectionism - Allowing yourself to rid yourself of the perfectionistic need to control every aspect of your life so that nothing goes "wrong" in it.

-Realistic acceptance of loss - after fully grieving a loss admitting that there is nothing left to be done but to accept the loss.

-Confessing faith in God- Openly declare and believe that God, your "Higher Power" is stronger and a great source of power to whom you can hand over these things out of your control. This also involves declaring that God is in charge and admitting that you can only do so much and after that it is up to your Higher Power to take over.

Like all things, it is easier said than done.....but then life teaches.....eventually.........and we are here to learn........

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Samosas for One said...

This resonated so well with me.

"Earth wind and rain and fire,
Wealth power love desire,
One goal to live for before we die,
One taste of glory,
One mouthful of sky..."