Saturday, February 21, 2009

When the music's over, turn off the light...

Tea and music ~ unbeatable symphony.

Soft lights,
Solitude of the night,
Soaking in the feel of
Eddie Rabbit singing ~
"I love a rainy night..."

Beatles singing ~
"All you need is is all you need"
Agreed. But where do you find it..?!?

And then~

"Hey, Jude, dont make it bad, take a sad song and make it better....
And anytime you feel the pain, Hey Jude, refrain,
Dont carry the world upon your shoulder..."

One more round of tea hearing to the mushy, velvety voice of Norah Jones humming~

"Money's just something you throw, Off the back of a train,
Got a handful of lightening, A hat full of rain,
And I know that I said I'd never do it again,
And I love you sweet baby... but I always take the long way home"

And then Don williams ~

"I dont believe in heaven waits for only those who congregate
I'd like to think that God is love,
He's down below, he's up-above
He's watching people everywhere, he knows who does and doesnt care
And I'm an ordinary man, sometimes I wonder who I am...
But I believe in love, i belive in music, i belive in magic... and i believe in you...."

Yes, I believe in music..I believe in music...After a long..long time, music happy again...and a voice inside sings along with the soulful Doors~

"When the music's over, turn off the light...
Music is your special friend, dance on fire, it intends,
Music is your only friend ~ until the end......"

Getting tingled in the soul and riding on a high of music.......Time for another tea......!


Sharanya said...

looks like weekend was well spent..:) Nothing is better company than music and good food :)

Scarlet said...

Songs that inspire and give us something to think about over tea. Is there a better way to spend the night?

I agree, "all you need is is all you need."

But where do you find it? Good question!

Chandan said...

ahh music...! my entire collection of cassette tapes went mouldy in transit, have yet to recover from the loss. pics look lovely btw. When will you update your flickr site?

Jagriti said...

@Sharanya: yep..! that is surely my idea of a well spent saturyday night..! :)

@Scarlet: I wish I knew where to find it scarlet...for now ~ the search is interesting...

@Chandan: ohhh..too bad yaar..i'm sure u will collect all of it eventually...and actually more important that the music that plays in the player is the music that plays in one's head...and I've heard the one that plays in no loss.. :)

flickr~ yeah hv been inactive on it since quite some time...hope to get ito it that I've got the push :)

Lakshmi -Celebrations said...

hi jagriti,nice to read the poem.lovely your blog is.i am going to read post by post.

Anonymous said...

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