Sunday, December 13, 2009

My chilli plant is flourishing...

.......and I'm loving it !

It had started off with this ~

To this ~

Then this ~

And finally, this ! ~

Oh, the pleasure of having witnessed and played a role in the wonderful phenomenon of how nature creates bounty..! A few miunte seeds getting transformed into a plant which produces chillies more than the need of our whole family... and the joy of using fresh-from-the garden chillies for meals...! It is something..!
If interested, let me know, I can parcel you some fresh from my garden..! :)


Veda Murthy said...

very nice! i love to have a herbal garden at home!

Kelby B said...

Great I love chilli plants as well. I have been helping a 14 year old boy Kelby to get interested in growing chillies in Durban South Africa. Check out his blog at

Vibes said...

I m not too fond of chillies... and i sure will not want any..but I certainly share your feelings of seeing a seed growing into a full grown plant..and flourishing...

Kelby B said...

Dont sell chillies just grow them in the garden for pleasure and cook with them every now and then.

Ily said...

What an inspiration you are! I love fresh-from-the-garden fruits, veggies and herbs. Yes, ship me your chillis! ¡Que rico! :)

Jagriti said...

@ Veda: I know..and considering you are such a great cook, you can use fresh from the garden herbs in your cooking..! do call me over for dinner then ! :)

@Kelby B: I visited your blog...great work you are doing...keep it up...! ..and noo..i wont be selling my chillies, yeah..i wud love to gift some to my frineds..!

@Vibes: ur not fond of chillies...who would know it better than me..! :)

@Scarlet: Thanks :)...i'm glad ur wud be a treat to see a garden nurtured by a beautiful, artful and warm-hearted person ike you...! Till then, you are welcome to relish the green chillies of my garden! :)

~ ॐ ~ said...

very nice... i know this feeling !!!!

Jagriti said...

@Om : isnt it..! I'm getting encouraged to plant other vegetables too...who knows i might end up opening a vegetable shop one day ! kidding :)

Haddock said...

good work.
The joy of seeing a plant grow is something different.

"Earth wind and rain and fire,
Wealth power love desire,
One goal to live for before we die,
One taste of glory,
One mouthful of sky..."