Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let the light fill up our lives


The festival of lights...

May it bring everlasting moments of ~

Happiness and Peace,

Love and Togetherness,

For you and your family.
May there be peace and light inside and outside..
Wishing you all a "Shubh Deepawali"


the walking man said...

Jagriti I offer that the light given and taken on this holy day of the festival carry you and yours through to the next time of renewal. Be Well and give peace that you might receive the same blessing.

Scarlet said...

May the light bring you clarity, peace and warmth. All my best...Scarlet

Little Red said...

Just popping in to say "hola" and letting you know I started a new blog. E-mail me if you don't know who it is. :)

gedaa said...

I wish I was there.I love light...

Shubhajit said...

wherever you are i pray for your good health and calm mind. hope to see you soon.

Jagriti said...

dear friends, thank you for your comments and ur wishes on this post...had been away for a while from this space..intend to stay here now..

Anonymous said...

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